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Inmarsat L-Band

Inmarsat’s comprehensive broadband services provide simultaneous voice and data, globally. They include Standard IP for office applications and guaranteed, on-demand Streaming IP rates for more demanding users.

Inmarsat-owned and managed proven state-of-the-art commercial satellite constellation and ground infrastructure supports Inmarsat’s portfolio of Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), SwiftBroadband and FleetBroadband managed communication services. In addition, innovative solutions such as L-TAC, Low Profile BGAN and BGAN HDR empower government users with dependable connectivity throughout land expeditionary, maritime and airborne operations.

Inmarsat L-band services deliver seamless global voice and data; from email, web and VPN to videoconferencing, telemedicine and live broadcasting, with a range of capabilities and antenna sizes to suit our customers’ budgets and needs. Boeing is proud to be able to offer Inmarsat’s broadband services to mobile users globally. See more at:

Inmarsat service is accessible globally, except for the extreme polar regions. Alphasat now supplements Inmarsat’s ground-breaking Inmarsat-4 (I-4) series, which is expected to support Inmarsat’s L-band services until the early-2020s.


Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS) is currently offering UHF SATCOM services over the Indian Ocean Region through key commercial operators of UHF satellite capacity in the region. Coverage includes Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

These UHF services offer our customers the ability to extend critical tactical command and control networks over commercially available 25 Khz channels that are fully compatible with legacy UHF equipment. Through these relationships, BCSS can offer tactical military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) to provide telecommunications services to US and NATO country armed forces.

This service provides a true force multiplier to augment the currently oversubscribed UFO and MUOS systems legacy capabilities. Since UHF satcom is the most frequently used military satcom service, UHF augmentation from commercial sources allows the warfighter to ensure that they have UHF narrowband communications when and where they need it. Our UHF services allow warfighter networks to operate in most weather and foliage conditions and mirror the capabilities offered by the UFO and MUOS systems.