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Network Operations Centers

Boeing’s network operations centers (NOC) run monitoring, control and network management functions to support government and commercial customer missions. NOC personnel attend to infrastructure as well as internal and external networks to guarantee high quality service. Among these services are a secure customer-accessible web portal, a Network Management System (NMS) that allows remote monitoring and control, and metrics records provided to customers. NOC personnel oversee configuration, change management, security, event logging and storage while monitoring all satellites and supporting terminals. In the event that one site becomes unavailable, Boeing’s series of NOCs provide geographic redundancy to manage several different networks and provide spectrum management support. NOCs provide greater than 99% service accessibility with quick reaction times and personnel deployment when required for fault resolution. Our highly-skilled network engineers and program management professionals offer 24/7/365 analysis, customer network reporting and help desk services to support installation, training, operations, maintenance and engineering services. These services safeguard the confidentiality and availability of infrastructures and critical, sensitive data.


Located in Herndon, Va., the Satellite Applications Center has provided mobile and fixed satellite services to sensitive U.S. Government customers using its secure network operations center and deployed resources for over 15 years. Services provided by the group include: bandwidth, terminal design bandwidth, terminal design, installation, training, operations and maintenance, custom end-to-end systems, frequency management and host nation agreements. Most of the work performed by this group is “quick reaction” and often requires personnel deployment. Additionally, because this group has a close working relationship with all of the major and regional satellite operators it is able to secure bandwidth quickly and cost-effectively. These systems also include a secure Network Management System (NMS) that allows remote monitoring and control using a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Network Operations Center (NOC).


The BBSN Network Operations Center (NOC) and associated Government NOC have developed a well-tuned concept of operations that has provided greater than 99% service accessibility. BBSN provides operational control and real-time monitoring and support for the US National Senior Leaders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This role includes monitoring of circuits, network and data center equipment, e.g., routers, servers, Wide Area Net-works (WAN), satellite communications and security services as well as airborne satellite and Local Area Network (LAN) systems under the direct management and control of the Network Operations Center (NOC).