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Commercial Ka-Band

Inmarsat, in cooperation with a select number of terminal partners, has developed a series of user
terminals that are specifically designed to operate over the I-5 Global Service Beams (GSBs) and to take advantage of the unique features associated with the GSB service (e.g. one touch commissioning, seamless beam to beam handover). Terminals include portable and fixed land based terminal, as well as on the move terminals for ground, maritime and airborne applications.

Military Ka-band

The Inmarsat-5 system supports the operation of military Ka-band capable terminals over the I-5 High Capacity Payload (HCP). The I-5 system was designed to be compatible with terminals that operate over the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system. Press the link below to obtain additional info on military Ka-band terminal operation over I-5 and unique system features and characteristics.

Additional Terminals that have received Inmarsat Type Approval

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Other Terminal Related Services

In addition to offering bandwidth services and a standard set of user terminals, BCSS specializes in the development of custom terminal solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Our engineering team will work with you to translate your unique set of requirements into turnkey terminal solutions. BCSS will work with customers to obtain Inmarsat type approval of custom developed terminals, or other Inmarsat 4/5 compatible terminal solutions to operate over the Inmarsat constellations.