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Secure Commanding Service

BCSS’ Secure Commanding Service offers customers the ability to remotely control the pointing and movement of the customer’s designated beam. Customers may reposition their respective beams as needed to cover new operating positions or to follow remote terminals in motion. Customer servers provide the command information and securely interface with BCSS Secure Commanding infrastructure as noted below:

  • User on-board control unit logs into the Hosted Operations Center (HOC)
  • User on-board control unit sends real-time position (Lat/Long) requests to the HOC Secure Commanding software
  • The Secure Command function processes the requests and checks system constraints and lat/long restrictions
  • Constraint checked requests are then converted to motor stepper commands, encrypted, and sent to Satellite Control Center (SCC) in London
  • SCC interleaves the encrypted SC commands with SCC commands and uplinks to the satellite
  • The Satellite decrypts the command and sends to the motor driver unit
  • Antenna position telemetry is inhibited for the antenna under control