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Global Xpress Inmarsat-5

Inmarsat Global Xpress is here and is set to be the first high-throughput wideband network to span the world. The Global Xpress Inmarsat-5 (I-5) satellites, designed and built by Boeing, are based on its proven 702HP platform, the industry leader for performance, cost-efficiency and capacity. The first satellite I-5 F1 launched in December 2013 and entered commercial service 1 July 2014, powering regional Global Xpress services for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. I-5 F2 launched in February 2015 with coverage over the Atlantic Ocean Region. Inmarsat’s third Global Xpress satellite launched successfully on 28 August 2015; I-5 F3 is a key step towards delivering Global Xpress services globally by the end of 2015.

Global Xpress brings reliable high-throughput Ka-band access to the U.S. government to meet mobile, interoperable communication needs at an affordable price, wherever and whenever needed. The Global Xpress system utilizes 72 fixed beams in commercial Ka-band, along with military Ka-band capacity available on its high-capacity steerable beams. The fixed beams enable consistent and reliable service across nearly all of the visible earth, while the steerable beams are designed to augment military Ka-band capacity.

Designed for on-demand flexibility, Boeing through Global Xpress is providing rapidly reconfigurable solutions for meeting unique missions’ needs. For more information visit: global-xpress-us-government/.

Global Xpress Military Ka-Band

Global Xpress high capacity beams operating in the military Ka-band allow military users to access and control wideband capacity as part of their own independent network. These steerable beams are designed to augment military Ka-band capacity provided by the Wideband Global SATCOM system (WGS) in areas of high demand. On the ground, in the air or at sea, military users can steer their capacity anywhere in the world to augment their WGS coverage. Communication networks can be established as transponded networks in the same beam, reach-back networks through the Global Xpress Satellite Access Stations (SAS) or as a service from spot beam to spot beam. To support the Government’s unique needs, Boeing has established additional unique teleports designed with the security and maximum functionality in mind. Channel sizes are variable and can be engineered to meet your specific requirements.

Using Global Xpress’ unique High Capacity Crossover service, military users are able to connect their same WGS-approved Military Ka terminals using any DoD-certified waveform, to the same destined Point of Presence, or through Inmarsat-provided Global Xpress secure gateways.

We can meet the most stringent security requirements for classified information by hosting customer-specific technology and equipment in Global Xpress secure enclave built at Inmarsat’s SAS locations placed in NATO and Five-Eye nations.

Global Xpress Commercial Ka-Band

Global Xpress is provided as an end-to-end managed service everywhere — delivered by BCSS. This unique ‘SATCOM as a Service’ capability offers globally mobile high-throughput connectivity the way you need it: simple, affordable and operationally available — anywhere, anytime.

Purposely designed for mobility, Global Xpress provides a continuous, consistent service as traffic is handed seamlessly across each spot beam. Global Xpress delivers consistently higher performance from the center through to the edge of each beam and across the field of view of each satellite unlike any other solution on the market. The reliance on information and data transfer is increasing at surprising rates.

Now with Global Xpress end-to-end service, BCSS is bringing the throughput government customers demand, anywhere, anytime, securely and reliably.


BCSS can work alongside legacy Ku equipment to meet the needs of Government customers. Ku band offers reliable wide band service at data rates supported by 36 and 72 MHz channels.

The emergence of new High Throughput Ku systems has increased the value of the band for government customers worldwide. The proper employment of Ku capability provides a highly robust and reliable set of abilities in support of critical missions.

BCSS along with Boeing Engineering services are committed to develop the right solution to meet your mission needs.


X-band is a trusted military frequency that is available from a select group of owner-operators. BCSS has positive relationships with these operators and is able to offer X-Band solutions when needed by our Government customers.

This frequency has offered significant reliability to DoD and other military users for over 30 years, and has specifically provided critical communications for war-fighters, diplomats and humanitarian efforts. Service coverage is generally regional and supports network requirements up to 72 Mhz per channel.

With the extensive array of legacy terminal equipment already deployed worldwide, X-Band offers a solution to users that allows them to operate on equipment they have on hand with minimal-to-no new training required.